Sunday, 15 February 2009

Cool cats and vicious ladders

Yesterday we discovered that Salty was no longer wearing his collar, obviously he forgot to collect it after his garden party last night. As he now knows his address and telephone number we decided not to bother to replace it.

Because the coffee pot had a crack in it we made our breakfast coffee in the teapot; it tasted just the same, but seemed strange. Later I went walking and bought a new one, and a blue shirt which I really did not need.
When I returned home I made some tea for Mas and discovered that he had blood running down his nose. He said that the aluminium (Alsatian?) ladder had made a vicious and unprovoked attack on him as he tried to get something from the attic! As Romy remarked, he should stay away from ladders, and that is not the first time that has been said!

Today my computer which has continually has been playing up, had detached itself from AOL, and Mas who has more patience than me spent time getting me reconnected. I did some vacuuming, narrowly missing sucking up the cat several times as he has a fascination with it all. Later I did some more on the exercise bike, and read my library book which I am enjoying.

In the evening we watched Mediterraneo, a film dedicated to all those who are running away. I liked it more than Mas; it was an Academy Award winner in 1992 for the best foreign film. And so to bed.

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