Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Tea party and Ben Allison double bassist

Yesterday when we woke up the snow was still covering the ground, and it was very cold, but the sun was shining which always improves things. Margaret phoned and invited us round to her place in the afternoon. When we went round Maheena arrived soon afterwards, we all talked and had tea, and I tried not to eat all the nuts and tasty snacks that Margaret and John had provided.

As it began to get dark we trudged carefully home, which was just around the corner. In the evening we watched a Horizon programme about cannabis, but did not learn much that was new about it.

Today the sun was shining and we thought we would have breakfast in Stanmore as we had to pay bills and get shopping as the forecast said that more snow may be arriving later. People were very cheerful at the Man in the Moon; they all felt bonded by the snowy weather.

Later I listened again to the Monday programme, Jazz on 3. I had heard part of this on Monday, it was a concert by the young New Yorker Ben Allison and his band Man Sized Safe. Nice interesting music; a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar. The band was named this way as he had heard that Dick Cheney had a man sized safe which he had thought was both funny and frightening.

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