Sunday, 22 February 2009

Good company and relaxing

On Saturday I did a quick clear up and Mas got some last minute shopping as we were expecting Tania and Robert to come over in the early evening, and I spoke to Florence and Pete.

Mas and I planned to make borscht, trout and trifle for the meal, so we prepared things in advance, which is quite good for us. When they arrived Mas showed Tania the cat door entrance that he had made, and Tania thought it funny. We had a nice meal together, and managed to relax although Tania mentioned that Robert was feeling stressed. As usual Robert made a joke of it! It seemed nice to me that everything is getting back to normal again.

On Sunday we did not do anything too exciting and simply relaxed. My stupid computer was still having problems, so I gave up, and spent a lot of time reading which was not always easy with the cat pouncing on me and trying to bite the book. Mas is still watching and enjoying Battlestar Gallactica.

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