Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Boxing clever treats

Today we went to St. Albans where we met Robert and Tania and also Robert's sister Christine who we have not seen for several years. Christine has been ill like me, so we had lots of notes to swap about that. We were treated to lunch by Robert in what used to be a Tudor tavern, but is now a Thai restaurant.

The restaurant was very nice inside, and the meals that we ordered were placed in front of us in individual boxes, which when opened, were compartmentalized with various dishes including soup served in separate sections. On the whole we preferred the food at our usual Thai restaurant, but it made a nice change!

The time went too quickly, and as the restaurant closed at three we could not linger long, and it was too cold to continue talking outside. We said our goodbyes, and hope it will not be so long before we see Christine again.
Later I spoke to Diane, and Mas and I watched some Wanted Dead or Alive episodes in the evening.

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