Saturday, 7 February 2009

Garden centres and knitting meditation

Mas wanted to replant our largest pot in the conservatory (ie to convert it from a cat toilet into a thing of beauty or at least hygiene), so we went to the Wyvale garden centre in Mill Hill to buy some clean top soil and have a look around. They have a lovely display of vases, garden furniture, candles, ceramics and all kinds of interesting things which would make nice presents.

There is also a lot of pet fish for sale, and we looked at the tanks. One looked inviting as it was large with long plants like trees growing in it with a variety of fish swimming in and out. Most were in tanks without any plants or shelter and I felt depressed looking at these poor fish which were really expensive too. I still like the neons best.

We had a coffee in their conservatory cafe and then went home with the soil after looking at various plants. Later I walked down to Edgware library to get a music CD and look at the books.
It is some time since I have been to the library and I found that it has now become computerised and self service which came as a surprise, and the friendly chap who used to work there had gone. I got out a CD of Chopin nocturnes, and a couple of books and went home.

Later I wound some of the lovely wool I was given and began knitting......

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