Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Immunity boosters including friends

On Sunday Mas re potted plants in the conservatory, and things looked much neater, and I tidied and vacuumed. We saw Salty encounter another cat today, a large ginger one, and they were skipping around the bushes together companionably. I also began sorting out patterns and knitting wool which made my head feel tidier too.
Chris e-mailed from Switzerland with the advice that I should have a course of Anthroposophic medicine, namely mistletoe (Iscador) treatment to build up my immunity so I looked up the links he had sent me and resolved to follow up by contacting the clinic in London.

Today it was raining, and just before Monika arrived Salty ran in and decorated both the couches with dark brown footprints; I just managed to put on clean throws and they arrived. Olga is staying with Monika, and it was nice to see her again. Salty proved a source of entertainment to the children who gave him small pieces of the cake Monika had made, and chased him around. Luckily he was on his best behaviour, and seemed to recognise that he must be careful of the children. Oktay called in later, but everyone had to leave early as storms and possibly snow had been forecast

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