Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Walking and exercising

Mas and I walked to Stanmore for exercise, and we had lunch at The Man in the Moon, and bussed back afterwards. The pub had been completely full which is odd for a Monday, and everyone seemed very cheerful; it seems people are trying to enjoy the present and forget all the recession problems.

Later Mas went off to the dentist to have his crown fitted, and I went for another walk. In the evening I spoke to Toby which was nice.

This morning Mas was doing more gardening and later went down to Edgware Hospital to have physiotherapy, but when he arrived found it had been cancelled, but he had not been told.

I did the usual chores and played with the cat, and did a long session on the exercycle which was monitored by Salty, luckily not sitting on my shoulders, while I listened to a programme about Maurice Ravel's mental health and how it may possibly be seen in his music which was interesting.

In the evening we watched the old film Inn of the Sixth Happiness, which we both enjoyed

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