Monday, 31 August 2009

BBQ at Ben and Poppy's

Pete phoned to say that he and Lorraine were safely home again after a hairy flight home. He and Lorraine seem to have had a really wonderful holiday, enjoying the holiday and the company.

At 2.30ish we went across the road to Poppy and Ben's house, and met three of Ben's brothers, their wives and niece. Poppy made a wonderful dish of meat cooked in spinach and lots of different herbs to eat on rice. Meanwhile Ben was cooking meat on the BBQ with a little help and lots of joking. Everyone was in very good spirits and the dog was having fun too.

At one point one of Ben's brothers was lying on the grass soaking up the sunshine completely relaxed. He was so supple that his feet at right angles to his body were relaxed sideways onto the grass like a fish tail. If I tried to do that things in my ankles would snap!

It was a lovely relaxing day and nice to meet such a cheerful group of people.

Toby phoned and I heard about Meaty the cat going missing for 24 hours which frightened everyone as several local black cats have gone missing and have never been seen again. Luckily she did return safe and sound. They all had a nice time on holiday together; I am so pleased they could all get together for this.