Friday, 7 August 2009

Alarms in the night and a glass fitting convention

We waited for the men to come and fix the conservatory window, but they did not come! I finished my library book The Memory Keeper's Daughter; It was certainly a page turner, but I did not really like it.

Most of the day Mas and I spent doing things that had to be done, but took a break to watch Pie in the Sky.
We went to bed early as Mas had an appointment with the dentist bright and early as he had been having pain along his jaw. I set my ancient alarm clock that has to lie face upwards on the floor otherwise it stops. Just as I was going to sleep Salty came upstairs and chewed the clock for a while before going to sleep curled around it, so I had to carefully check that he had not pressed the alarm off.

Mas went off to the dentist early, but has to wait a week for a filling and has to take painkillers!
Four men arrived to fit the new glass panel, one to watch from upstairs, one to do the work on the conservatory roof, and two to carry the glass. They were a likable bunch, and one explained that if he was on the roof he would fall through it, and he showed me grazed arms as evidence of a former fall. In no time they finished the work and left. Mas and I felt like celebrating, but instead he had to dash off for a doctor's appointment.

We watched Pie in the Sky, then had a candlelit dinner, music and a glass of wine.

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