Friday, 28 August 2009

Battlestar Gallactica and Dan Brown for company

I spoke to Diane and she sounded cheerful and busy. I did my morning chores and then went for a walk and later cut the grass in the garden. Mas set up our new video player, and having taken our old one to pieces, recovered the Battlestar Gallactica that he had been watching when it went wrong. Once set up he began to watch Battlestar Gallactica again.

Today I spruced up the inside of the conservatory again by re painting it in white (not the glass bits though). I also spent some time gardening and happened to see Wynford. He told me he was 'home alone' as his family has gone off on holiday, and his Fiancee is also away.

I finished off the Dan Brown book I had been reading. It held my attention all the way through, but on reflection was a bit too much like a James Bond story.

I had another disturbed night as Salty and the Tabby kept pouncing on each other and rushing about.

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