Saturday, 1 August 2009

Curtain call and getting 'booked'

Mas went to hospital today. While he was out the glass man came round and measured the broken panel. When questioned he said he had no idea when it could be done as the man who was to do it was in hospital having a hip replacement! And so it goes..........!

I washed the sitting room curtains, and when they were dried and pressed I re hung them, only to find that they had shrunk about 10" and were no longer ceiling to floor curtains! I had a cheerful email from Toby saying he had had his best holiday. In the evening we watched an NCIS, only interrupted by the grinding of my teeth when I thought about the curtains.

Today I walked to the library, leaving Mas contacting different glass men. In the library I was looking for a particular author, but a man was sitting in the corner talking loudly in Italian and then in Russian. I had to practically lean on him trying to look for my book. Another man was also trying to see round him, and then he suddenly handed me a book and became very excited, saying I must read it as it was so good. It is called The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards, a best seller ion America, then he rushed off to find another and handed me Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith. Neither of these books appealed to me as I get anxious reading about bad things that happen to children. In return I pressed Doris Lessing's Briefing for a Descent into Hell on him, and went home.

I began the first book, and found it to be a real page turner. I got an email from Christian saying he had got peritonitis recently and had been in hospital, and luckily was treated in time. Teeth have got a lot to answer for! Mas and I watched an old Pink Panther film, then an NCIS before bed.

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