Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Root canals and painful cats

Mas went off to Watford and got the root canal done without needing to remove the tooth which we were pleased about. I felt really tired all day after having such a disturbed night last night, so when Mas came home we had a relaxing day not doing very much, me reading and Mas watching TV. Later we saw another episode of Wallender.

Today Mas went off early for a blood test, and I walked to Mill Hill. Later I managed to get my mobile phone unblocked by a very helpful Carphone Warehouse sales person. We had lunch out and got shopping, and once again had a relaxed day.

During the night there was another ruckus with the cats, Salty giving loud yowls, and I chased the tabby off again. The rest of the night Salty lay at the foot of the bed watching the stairs till he fell asleep, wish I could have done the same!

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