Monday, 15 September 2008

Ticking over as usual

We went off to Stanmore and did a few chores before we went to the Man in the Moon for an early lunch and then picked up some groceries. As it was not raining we did some gardening, and I cut the grass. Later I began painting the Skellie pictures for Pete while listening to the radio.

On Sunday Mas was busy with his website, and I walked down to Edgware as a French Market was being held there today. I resisted the cakes that were on display, but did buy some soap.
Later I phoned Monika and Pat, who arranged to visit us on Thursday.In the evening we watched an old 'Poirot' detective story with David Suchet; they are so stylish.

On Monday Glen, our neighbour called round just after breakfast with some flowers, cheerful yellow Chrysanthemums which lit up our dining room, what a nice surprise! Mas and I did our usual things all day, but had a break to watch 'Diagnosis Murder,' and then in the evening watched a rerun of 'New Tricks' before going off to bed.

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