Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A lunch time feast with friends and visit from Pete

On Monday I heard from Poppy and Florence, and I tried to paint the right kind of skeleton face for Peter, but somehow he turned out too sinister. Mas went to the doctors with a list of things to discuss with him; it is hard to get an appointment so it is important not to miss anything. Despite the list Mas forgot to mention the most important thing, his hurting arm and leg, so another appointment will have to be made. I suggested it would be useful to give the list to the doctor in case anything was missed again.

On Tuesday we were invited by John and Margaret for lunch. Christiane and Eddie were invited too, having returned from France, and it was nice to see everyone. Margaret had prepared a really lovely lunch, lovely to look at as it was so well presented, and very tasty as lots of the vegetables were home grown. For dessert a colourful display of seven kinds of fruit were put in front of us, and there was a home made apple pie too. A variety of different cheeses were served with the coffee. We were very touched at how much thought and effort had gone into this meal, especially as it had only been arranged the evening before! Mason and I will obviously have to pull our socks up in the entertainment area!

Pete arrived around four as planned, and we spent a long time sitting in the conservatory which was warm and bright despite it being a rainy day as usual and talking and drinking tea. Mas showed Pete some of my pictures which have been framed, and look much improved by exactly the right framing and mounting; it seems to me that the framing is just as important as the picture in making the end result.

We had a leisurely dinner and lurked around for a while before going off to bed rather early as we were all a bit tired.

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