Thursday, 25 September 2008

Defragmenting and entertaining

On Wednesday I had computer problems , and Mas spent a long time defragmenting and doing other magical things to it. I spoke to Toby for a while hearing about the vatious stresses that they have been coping with; luckily these should be resolved now. Pete phoned and is worried that his small cat is ill as it is sneezing a lot.

Mas and I watched The Bill and had dinner before going off to bed early as I was feeling tired.

Today my computer was still playing up and Mas had gone off to see the bank manager, so I tidied up as we were expecting Robert and possibly Tania to call in for dinner.

Monika phoned and asked if she could come over briefly as they were going to be in the neighbourhood. It was lovely to see them, and they all looked very healthy after their long holiday. The baby Radovan has grown very fast, and is busy trying to walk although he is only seven months old, and Milan had made me a coaster mat of little beads that had to be clipped together, no doubt using up the last of his patience. Monika had bought all kinds of Turkish treats with her; exotic sweet and savoury pastries, a pineapple, pomegranates and fruit drinks that tasted of bubble gum.

In the meantime Mas had prepared dinner, and Robert arrived. Sadly Monika and Oktay had to leave and we will have to wait till next time to get all the news. We had a nice dinner with Robert who has passed the exam. he has recently taken, but has to do another exam next week!
After dinner Robert and Mas put the world to rights, and by the time they had finished I could barely totter off to bed.

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