Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Stinging nettle arms, corkscrew neck and toothache

I had a routine appointment with my doctor and then walked home. Mas and I had planned to have lunch at the Man in the Moon and get some shopping, but when I reached home Margaret phoned and asked if I would like to go blackberrying with her and John. I left quickly after finding some plastic boxes to put the blackberries in in and went round to their house.

We walked over to Arches field, and they showed me their favourite picking place. The weather was hot and sunny, and in short order we had picked enough to fill all our boxes, and having displaced a wasps nest we went home. I invited them to come for lunch with us, so we all drove off in John's car to Stanmore.

We had a cheery lunch together, and then collected shopping. We had caught the sun a little getting the blackberries, and all felt quite sleepy. They dropped us home before driving to their house. In the evening I froze about 8lbs of blackberries and made jam with the rest.

Today I finished off the curtains, and re hung them which was the worst part of the job, and involved me screwing my neck around like the child from 'The Exorcist'. That job done, I tidied and vacuumed as there were cotton threads all over the house, and hoped my neck would return to normal before too long.

Mas has got bad toothache which sends pain along the jaw and up into his temple, but he has to wait for his dental appointment on Friday so is taking paracetamol every four hours. We watched Simon Baker (who is also in The Mentalist) in The Guardian. After that I washed up and played with Salty and left Mas to watch Numbers.

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