Saturday, 29 August 2009

Putting up the barricades and bringing home the spoils

This morning I replaced the cat door we had removed when Salty hurt his tail. It is now a narrower opening. I taped up the flap until he got used to it again, then I let the flap down, but arranged the door so that it would work without the magnets. It did not take Salty long to get confidence in it. It may put off the Tabby from coming in as he is rather chubby( probably from eating two cats food!)

Mas and I set off for Edgewarebury Park to collect the last of the blackberries before the season is over. We collected lots of the blackberries and about 8lbs of cooking apples in no time at all.
In the afternoon I walked down to the library and while there came upon a section containing reference maps which I began looking at. I got talking to someone who said the previous week he had been walking, had walked to the edge of his map and got lost, so he was trying to find the map next in sequence. He asked me if I liked walking, and when I replied that I did, his eyes lit up hopefully, so I had to beat a hasty retreat as I do not think Mas would be keen on the idea of me walking in the wilds for hours with a stranger. Libraries seem definitely the places to meet people!

In the evening I washed and cooked some of the fruit. I was so tired when I went to bed that I do not think a heard of elephants passing through would have woken me.

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