Sunday, 23 August 2009

Rockabye cat

I woke up with itching legs and saw bites all over them. These were small bright red spots, and as I put a dot of antihistamine cream on each one I counted 94 bites; I think I must have stood in an ants nest yesterday although I did not feel anything at the time.

Our large rug in the sitting room has become bald in several spots, so we decided to cut off the edges leaving a better looking rectangle to put in front of the fireplace. We need this rug as bits of soot fall down from the chimney sometimes. This piece I later washed in the bath with help from Mas, and put outside to drip dry. It was a hot sunny day, so I hoped it would not take too long.

Salty, in the meantime was pouncing all over the garden trying to catch flies. At one time he started plaintively calling me, so I went to see what he was up to. He had climbed to the top of our Hawthorne tree where there was an empty magpies' nest, and he was sitting in it with only his head visible above the edge of the nest, and as it was windy he was swaying backwards and forwards. I ran off to get my camera as it would have made a funny shot, but he climbed down before I could take it.

In the evening a lot of apples were prepared and frozen away, and an apple crumble made.
I had another bad night's sleep as cats were running about the house from time to time banging into things downstairs until I chased the tabby out a few times. Who said having a cat was relaxing?

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