Monday, 3 August 2009

Reasons to be Cheerful

When we got up we watched Salty romping on the grass with the Tabby, and then they began chasing each other in circles. Clearly they are friends which is a relief.

Later we did some gardening to keep the place from being swamped by a tsunami of vegetation, and we both tried to catch up on various things that we had been putting off. Toby phoned talking about the wonderful holiday they had in Argentina which was very cheering.

Today I had to go to the Royal Free Hospital for a blood test, and afterwards walking up the hill towards Hampstead in the sunshine I felt really happy. It also seemed comforting to know that my grandparents, parents and aunties would have also walked up this street many times, looking at the same architecture, although the use of the various shops has changed.

When I got home Mas said we needed some shopping from Stanmore, and that we could have lunch at The Man in the Moon while there, which we did. We came home and watched a 'Monk',
Florence phoned, and I called Pete to see how he was. In the evening we watched a Wallender.

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