Thursday, 20 August 2009

Disappearing pubs and cat food

We had hoped Mas could get his tooth fixed today, but he was not able to get a 2 hour appointment for another six days.

I went off to Brent Cross shopping centre by bus today as I prefer to take a bus rather than drive if possible. I was shocked to see, as we passed Kingsbury, that The Red Lion pub (built 1839) was no longer there, and it looked as if apartments were being constructed there to replace it. Further along the road I saw that The Welsh Harp pub now seems to be an eatery.
Once at the shopping centre I bought some underwear and a new swim hat and returned home on the bus.

After Mas and I had dinner Poppy and Ben called round, and we had coffee and chatted for some time. While we were talking in the dining room the Tabby cat came into the kitchen, and while we watched him he ate Salty's food; Salty was standing nearby rather timidly looking at us!

Today was Mason's birthday, and the new video player was delivered. We had lunch at the Man in the Moon, although I had suggested going somewhere different, but nevertheless we had a nice lunch and a relaxed day.

When we went to bed we did not leave any cat food out for the cats, especially if the Tabby is eating it every night.

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