Sunday, 9 August 2009

Poodling around and photos from Argentina

We went off to St.Albans, got lots of shopping from the market and had a nice lunch at Sazio's. We did not meet up with Tania and Robert as they could not make it today. Both of us felt really tired , so we went home without wandering around as we like to do, looking at things.

We watched an NCIS in the evening; our video recorder does not work at the moment, so we do not have too many choices. It is nice being able to listen to my choice of music on Spotify while I do things upstairs, so I am being more productive.

Mas went off to a DIY shop this morning, and I decided to give my hair a treat by mashing up an over ripe avocado pear, and massaging it all into my hair...what a messy business. I kept it on for half an hour and just rinsed it off when Monika phoned. She was worried in case Milan had Swine Flu as he was ill, and they were flying off tomorrow.

I went over the road to Poppy, and she phoned Monika back and it was decided he did not have the flu. I was surprised to see that Poppy and Ben had acquired a lovely white poodle puppy; they collected it yesterday, but she seemed completely settled in already and was obviously happy with her new family and home.

We did some gardening, and I cut the grass and Mas tied back the roses round the window which we had untied for the glass men. Toby phoned and talked of his holiday in Argentina which sounded wonderful, and he sent lots of photos too.

In the evening we watched The no.1 Ladies Detective Agency and a film called Mermaid with Cher in it which was interesting, but made me feel like shaking Cher's character and that of her daughter from time to time.


Peter said...

Yee Haw!

Anonymous said...

I had to practically beg Tobster and mom to go riding with me.

They both had bad horse riding experiences 45 years ago (mom)/ 20 years ago (Tobe).

It turned out to be lots of fun. Though they still look nervous in this picture!