Sunday, 30 August 2009

Cheerful evening and a cat on a hot person (not a hot tin roof)

I happened to see Wynford so invited him to come over for a glass of wine and snack this evening. Mas and I got a little shopping, and I saw Poppy come home so I invited her to come over as well with Ben.

They all came over about 7.30, and we spent the evening in the conservatory, and as we chatted a large apple and blackberry crumble disappeared. Poppy and Ben had bought Lila with them, so our cat would not come indoors, but at times he was looking timidly through his cat door at us.

We had a really nice evening, and as Poppy and Ben were leaving they invited us all to come to a BBQ with them tomorrow afternoon.
Our cat was miaowing piteously through the cat door as it had now begun to rain. We took some time with him reassuring him that the dog had left and things were back to normal. Unusually, he spent all night sleeping on the bed, pressed like a snake alongside my leg making me feel very hot indeed.

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