Sunday, 16 August 2009

More jaming and improvements to Edgwarebury Park

While Mas was on the computer I cut the grass in the front and back garden, and later walked down to Edgware, and looked at the new 99p store that has moved into the shop where Woolworths used to be.
Walking back through the park I looked for the tree that Poppy had been getting plums from. I found a damson tree and nonchalantly gathered some of the plums, in spite of the 'are you mad!' looks that some other walkers were giving me. In the evening I made some damson jam.

Today Mas and I went to the Man in the Moon and had a really nice roast dinner, then got some shopping. We went home and put away the shopping before going to Edgwarbury Park to see if the crab apples were ripe. I was surprised to see that a wild flower meadow has been created, and some dead trees that were originally street trees have been dug up and planted in the meadow to provide a habitat for birds, bats and food for beetles. Wildflower seeds were planted around the trees in the hope that they would spread.

The crab apples were not ripe yet, so we picked enough blackberries to make a crumble for the evening, and tomorrow.

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