Friday, 14 August 2009

Scaredy cat and going to the dentist

Despite it being very hot, Mas and I went blackberrying in Stanmore in the afternoon where we used to go, and unusually we saw another couple gathering fruit too. Later I made 10lbs of jam, and did a little gardening. We watched New Tricks in the evening.

During the night Salty ran into the bedroom, and hid behind the curtains on the window ledge. After a while he ran onto my bed and lay by my side, with his head by my feet watching the landing; he seemed rather frightened. Eventually he went to sleep. I am still not quite sure about his friend the tabby cat.

Today Mas went off to the dentist, and while he was out I finished off the last bit of painting in the kitchen then re potted the small parsley plant I had bought, and collected all the Honesty seeds from the plants in the garden and generally pottered around till Mas came back home; the dentist was not sure if Mason's filling would do, or whether he would have to have a root canal treatment.

In the evening we watched an NCIS, and I spent time playing with Salty, then he went outside and played with the tabby cat; this cat is getting very bold, and is openly trying to come in while we watch TV. Salty, unusually, also spent part of the night sleeping beside Mas instead of romping about outside all night.

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