Monday, 10 August 2009

More poodling around

I spoke to Pete today, and went down to Edgware later to get shopping. I saw Ben fixing his gate so stopped to chat while Lila watched us from the garden. Mas spent some time trying to fix our video player, and worked on the computer.


I did some gardening, and planted the rhubarb root that Tania had given us. Later I made dinner making stuffed peppers so that I could use lots of parsley (if it was good enough for the Romans it is good enough for me, and I don't go along with the quote " parsley is ghastly"), mint and Bulgar wheat.

Poppy and Ben called round with Lila, chatted and had a coffee and I managed to get these photos despite Lila getting bouncy and excitable; she is a lovely dog. Later we watched a Taggart before going to bed.

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Peter said...

The first photo is funny.