Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Domestic doings

I went to The Royal Free Hospital again and was reading my library book on the train, almost missing my station, and having to gallop off in an undignified rush. All went well when I saw the doctor. I just got home in time to watch a 'Monk' with Mas, and then I had time to catch up with a few emails, and also speak to Diane who enjoyed her holiday in France.

Today is very humid, but I managed to hang one curtain that I had lengthened from the top, and luckily the pelmet covers the join so it is not seen. Now for curtain 2!

I did some gardening, and saw a beautiful peacock butterfly, but was sad as part of one wing was missing.

Peacock Butterfly

I managed to pick some of the greengage plums that grow in our garden, and ended up with a bowl full, but some dropped down into an inaccessible place.

For a change I made Tabbouleh which uses Bulgar wheat, tomatoes, onion, lots of parsley, mint, olive oil and lemon juice. The recipe said "The bulgar wheat should be a lesser player in this salad, like 30 sheep in an acre of forest, so to speak". I have been looking for ways to use parsley and mint. I tried it on Mas and he liked it; it is strange how the flavours combine and none is dominant.

Afterwards we watched a new 'Midsomer Murder', and uncharacteristically they are getting quite gruesome lately.

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