Monday, 18 May 2009

Traumatic cat neutering and relaxing with Genghis Khan

We got up early and took Salty off to the vets before we even had our morning coffee. We left him there, and went home and had breakfast. Both of us felt sad for the cat, even though we believe we are doing the right thing for his health, apart from the fact that we cannot afford to support his love life.

We moped around all day doing our usual chores, and got shopping at Stanmore and went for a pub lunch. We collected Salty from the vets at 3.30pm, and took him home. The vet had cleaned up the bites on his tail, and shaved off a lot of his tail fur as well as neutering him; he was very pleased to be home again.

Florence phoned and chatted, and in the evening we watched a Russian version of Genghis Khan which was very interesting. We had been advised to keep Salty in all night until the anaesthetic was out of his system, so we did, and went to bed quite early

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