Friday, 15 May 2009

Planned preventative medicine

When we got up Salty was looking a bit mopey, his tail was still hurting and he did not eat very much. We decided we should take him to the vet again, and made a late afternoon appointment.

I went off to the hospital as arranged, and for a change had a mammogram, afterwards I met one of my friendly nurses in the hospital who cheered me up by sorting out all my appointment problems.

I went home as quickly as possible afterwards to go to the vets with Mas. The vet after looking quickly at his tail gave him a shot, and some penicillin pills for me to give him at home to prevent abscesses. We agreed to have him neutered, and fixed the date, and the vet said when he was anaesthetised she would look at his tail properly.

In the evening we watched a NCIS and then I went into the garden and took the dry laundry off the cloths line when it was dark. I wondered briefly if I removed all my cloths whether I would glow in the dark after so much radiation, and how long it would be before Edgware had a ghostly reputation.

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