Saturday, 9 May 2009

Marion's birthday party

Yesterday we were busy shopping in the morning, and in the afternoon I coloured my hair. I got distracted doing other things and left the colour in my hair a bit too long. I rinsed and washed it, then noticed I had a dark line across my forehead where the shower cap had been, which would not come off. Typical!

In the evening we went to White Hawk's Medicine Lodge (aka Marion's house). It was Marion's birthday a few days earlier so she was holding a party to celebrate this. By mistake Mas and I arrived a bit early , so I helped Marion prepare the food and chatted to her while Mas was talking to people in the garden. As usual Marion had lots of interesting people to talk to, and it was nice to see her family again, but a bit shocking to see how mature they are now, when I remember hearing the youngest on a baby monitor many years ago.

A huge fire was lit in the garden with people sitting around chatting, and some indoors too. There was a lot of delicious food and interesting conversations going on. I discovered that Marion's brother Phil has the same taste in funny books as I do, and also that he has other talents as well as being an actor. In the meantime mini hot air balloons were being released into the dark night air, and we could see them rising and disappearing into the distance.

We has a really enjoyable evening, and got home much later than we had previously intended.

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