Sunday, 24 May 2009

Strangleing cats and painting preparation

On Saturday we took Salty back to the vets to have his tail checked; he is repairing nicely. The vet said if she saw him again too soon she would strangle him, and I said I would help her to do it.

My eyes were hurting today and I thought that I may be going to get a cold after such cold swimming yesterday. We went back to the DIY store and changed the colour of our paint, and got more floor wood.

On Sunday the weather was warm and sunny, but I spent the day washing down the walls and cupboards with sugar soap, thus breaking the habit of a lifetime as I have always painted over grime and cobweb so sealing them in. Reflecting on this later I decided to go back to my old ways next time, too much preparation is for the birds!

I also managed to get in a bit of gardening, and planted a few more cuttings; I am trying to spend a bit of time each day in the garden to raise my vitamin D levels. The garden is looking nice at the moment. Mas went off and got some shopping, and yet more DIY stuff. I did not get a cold, and my eyes are OK again. I am reading a book by Alan Coren called The Cricklewood Dome. I have always admired people who can write about ordinary, everyday things, and make me laugh out loud.

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