Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Glossy magazines and an itchy business

We had a day at home clearing up, gardening and cooking. Myk called round with an update on the traffic situation, and Maria sent round lots of glossy magazines for me to read which was a nice surprise. I like looking at them in case there are any unusual colour schemes that may be useful to me, and I enjoy reading the recipes of delicious desserts although I am generally too lazy to actually make them.

Diane phoned sounding rather chipper, and Pat phoned too. Mas and I relaxed in the evening and watched something not very memorable before going early to bed.

Today Salty came in covered in strange, long wriggly fleas which could jump too. I was surprised to see fleas on him as we have Frontlined him. I spent about an hour combing him which he usually likes, but today I had to struggle with him while I did it, and put up with a lot of fearsome growling. Eventually they were all dispatched, but I got a crop of bites too. Mas went off to the chemist and got me some antihistamine cream to rub on.

Afterwards I did some gardening, before putting all my cloths into the washing machine and myself into a bath, and tried not to think about wriggling insects anymore.

On Tuesday I checked Salty at length to see if he was still clear of fleas, and then we went swimming. The water was so cold, a couple of penguins swum past me in the pool, but as usual we felt invigorated walking back to the car later.

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