Sunday, 31 May 2009

A Taste of Spain and other meals

Tania drove to Edgware, and then we went off to Baker Street where we met Evelyn. We walked to Regent's Park, had tea and a piece of cake at the Garden Cafe there, then looked at the rose garden.

Later we walked to Regent Street, which had been cleared of traffic for the day to host 'A Taste of Spain'. This was a promotional event for various regions of Spain to show their cultural heritage and sell things too. There were huge crowds attending, but everyone seemed in good spirits. Later I heard that the weather was warmer than Morocco at the time.

We had an enjoyable day although our feet were sore from standing and watching different displays. We went to Nando's and had a welcome meal and bottomless drink which revived us somewhat; we were too hungry to wait for the giant paellas to be cooked.
When we had seen everything and were really tired Tania and I decided to go home by bus. Evelyn, who is made of stronger stuff, went on to do some window shopping. As we bussed home we were pointing out places of interest to each other. Tania phoned Robert to say she was coming home, and he said that he was driving down to Mason's so that we could all go out for dinner!
We had dinner at our Man in the Moon which was fun, then we went home. As Tania and Robert were about to leave Poppy and Ben came out and were talking to us too. It turned out to be a very sociable day.

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