Friday, 29 May 2009

Groundhog days

Another day of kitchen work. Mas plastered part of the kitchen ceiling while I painted on the first coat of cupboard paint. Mas was leaning backwards while putting on the plaster and it was dropping onto him in splatters. When he finished it, he took off his T shirt, and as he went upstairs he caught sight of himself in the mirror "Good Lord! I look like a dawg!" he said. Surprised, I asked what kind, he said "101 Dalmatians", when I remarked that they had black spots he said "you can't get everything right!" He always makes me laugh.

In the spirit of entente cordial both of us had compromised on the colour of the cupboard paint, Mas preferred a mauvey mushroom colour while I veered towards yellow. We got what was called 'Stoneware'. Reading the paint tin which said 'do not overwork the paint' I understood why; it was so that the paint had enough energy left to run, which it did. If I had named the colour of the paint I would have called it 'ancient porridge'.

Another Groundhog day! Another coat of cupboard paint, and we kept remarking on how clean it looked, how much larger the kitchen seemed, all day. We both hate it of course, but won't admit it. In the end we said we would see how it looked when the new flooring was done, and if we did not like it after a year we could redo it. Privately I thought if I have to look at that colour for a year I would be like Dracula exposed to daylight; I would turn to dust and blow away.

Today we spent cleaning up, I did all the tiles, cupboards and fridge. Mas began repairing the concealed, over counter light which has not worked for years. It is horrible that once one room is done, all the others look worse and suddenly need fixing up as well. At this point Mas and I were too tired to think anymore, especially about starting on another room!

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