Friday, 22 May 2009

Chores and swimming lessons

Yesterday passed in a blur of preparation to do our kitchen makeover. We found some wood for the floor, loaded it into our car together with special cupboard paint that is supposed to cover melamine. On the way back we spotted Jim and Mary, waiting at the bus stop, so stopped to pick them up, forgetting that the back seat was filled with wood; Mary however squeezed herself in, leaving Jim to come home by bus.

We watched The Mentalist, I am beginning to really dislike his character, always smirking in the face of tragedy, and the X Files. It is pathetic how little of interest there is to watch now that we have 500 channels to choose from.t

Today I dashed off to the library, getting my books back under the wire just in time. We then went swimming, feeling very virtuous as we got into the very cold water. Some young boys were being tested to see if they could swim, one could not, so he had to sit on the side while his friend swam as they had not got a responsible adult with them. Mas volunteered to look after them, and before long, with Mas teaching him, the boy could swim the width of the pool!

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