Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Cat astrophes, kitchen DIY and lunch

We kept Salty indoors overnight, only to find he had knocked two plants off the conservatory windowsill, breaking a hand painted painted bowl in the process, but at least he seemed to be feeling well. After clearing the mess up I did a bit more in the shed, then walked to Edgware to collect prescriptions, on the way back I met Mary and Jim, and they talked to me for almost an hour.

Later Mas and I discussed changing our kitchen, as it is looking rather scruffy, so went off to a DIY store to collect some paint charts, and also looked at wood veneer flooring, as the one we have seems to be wearing out.

Today we planned to go to St. Albans, but Robert could not meet us as he was too busy, and Tania has started her new job. We drove up admiring all the new foliage on the trees, and stopped to take a few photos on the way. Once in St. Albans we had lunch at Sazios before collecting our shopping and heading home.

Click on photo to enlarge.

I spoke to Pete, and also Margaret phoned and chatted. We watched the X Files and Numbers in the evening.

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