Thursday, 14 May 2009

Hurt tail and debt of gratitude

Yesterday morning Salty rushed indoors purring loudly but also trembling violently. I had noticed that he had not run in with his tail raised as usual, so I thought he had hurt it. He would not let me look at it, so I thought it must be really painful, ans spent time calming him down.

Mas had planned to meet a friend at lunchtime, and he was out until late afternoon. Salty spent most of the day sleeping, so I painted half of the interior of our garden shed in leftover white paint, it had become so dingy it looked like a medieval prison cell.

Salty seemed much better in the evening and ate with a good appetite, but he still was not raising his tail.

Today we were expecting Pat for lunch, but as the weather was not good enough to eat in the garden we decided to go to the Man in the Moon for a pub lunch. Pat arrived bearing wine and flowers, and we went of and had a meal which we all enjoyed.
We came home and had a few glasses of wine in the conservatory; we had a lot to talk about as we had not seen each other for some time. Mason had bought a chocolate brownie cheese cake (1,000 calories a slice), and we had some of that too before Pat had to leave and go home.
Pat is an old friend to whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude.

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