Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Night of the Great White Hunter

We woke up with snow falling, but later in the day it turned to rain. We made some French Onion soup, with bread and toasted cheese on top, for lunch, and watched a Murder She Wrote in the afternoon.

L J Rich accepted all the pictures I had forwarded for Click Bits, so I cheerfully, and carefully, sent them off again in a higher resolution.

Mas called me while he was watching TV; Salty had bought in a mouse which was running round the room. We tried to catch it before the cat did, but he went under the couch and we could not see him. Later in the evening the cat found him again, so we were rushing about trying to get him into the conservatory with the help of a soft broom, so that he would not set up house in our home. Eventually after we had opened the conservatory door he left quickly.

We settled down to finish what we had been watching, and after a while the cat went out. In a short time the cat bought the mouse in again, but this time it was dead. As it did not appear to have any injuries we thought he must have had a heart attack. The cat in the meantime was very excited and playful, and obviously thinks he is the Great White Hunter.

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