Friday, 19 February 2010

Good news

After having pains in one calf all night I got up early and went off to the hospital in case I should have DVT. After having my leg examined the doctor thought it very unlikely, as my leg was not swollen, the veins did not hurt, and the calf was soft when relaxed. I left reassured if somewhat sheepish, but reminded myself it was better to be safe than sorry.

Walking home, I met Ben who was walking towards the park with Lilu. We chatted for a while, and as it happened Ben had been out for a coffee with Mas while I was out. I had a lovely surprise when I got home as Jana had sent a letter full of news together with a CD of Chopin Nocturnes; the good news is that she will be coming over in April for a holiday. I really like these Nocturnes, and recalled how often while waiting for the Wednesday or Saturday play on the radio, BBC Home service, they would play a Nocturne first, which is how I became familiar with them.

In the evening we watched The Mentalist which is silly, but entertaining.

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