Thursday, 10 December 2009

Traumatic vet visit and beginning to do Christmas cards

Yesterday we had to take Salty for his booster injection. He meowed all the way to the vets, and when she examined him he left wet footprints on the examination table he was sweating so much. He weighs nearly 4 kilos now, and the vet thought he looked very healthy, and gave him a worm pill too. We went carefully home again, Salty still very unhappy in the car, and us reeling from how much the outing had cost us. Salty spent the rest of the day recovering and sleeping, and I cooked him some pollack as he really enjoys that fish sometimes.

Today was bright and sunny, and Salty back to normal chased rainbows from the crystal all over the carpet, and watched them moving across the ceiling, while we had a late breakfast. Making the most of the weather I moved the Geraniums from the back window box, and planted them in a tub to overwinter in the conservatory. I called Margaret, and had an early surprise birthday card from Christiane and Eddie. Later I started doing some Christmas cards, which I know I should have already finished.

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