Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Party animal and racing dog.

In the morning I walked down to the library and poked about looking at the books and music for a while, and later Mas and I went to Stanmore to check our bank balances and look in some of the shops.

Salty went out as usual around seven in the evening. We watched a 'Lewis' detective story; they are putting one on each evening this week. This is a follow on series from 'Morse,' and is also set in Oxford with interesting and rather involved story lines. Luckily there is very little shouting or car crashes and the background music is good.

We prepared to go to bed, and Salty still had not shown himself; he usually returns for a snack before we go to bed, and the temperature suddenly dropped.

When we woke in the morning there was a thick frost everywhere, luckily Salty came indoors as we got up; I expected him to have frost bite on his toes, but he was looking as usual, but he had obviously had an active time, dancing the night away, as he slept all day without waking for food.

I walked down to Edgware went to the post office and made an appointment to get my eyes checked as it is about three years since I have been to an optician's.

Poppy called in for me, and we walked to Stonegrove Park with Lilu the dog. We walked round the park several times, but there were no other dog walkers around. Lilu rushed around like a miniature race horse looking very funny with bouncing ears and tail. She also ran through some muddy puddles, and chased Magpies.

When we walked home Poppy said she would bathe her dog when she got home; she had been for a job interview that morning and was waiting for a phone call with the results. Later she popped over and said she had got the job she wanted, which is excellent.

Mas and I watched a Poirot, with David Suchet and Hugh Fraser. I am always surprised by Hugh Fraser as he bears such a strong resemblance to my father, which is strengthened by the period setting. We also watched another episode of Lewis and eventually staggered off to bed with square eyes.

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