Monday, 12 October 2009

Tree vandalism and two landscapes bought

We discovered today, that while we were out yesterday, our vandalising neighbour had taken a ladder into our front garden and cut off several branches from our Robinia Frisia tree, and one large one from about half way up the tree. These branches did not overhang his front yard as those had already been cut off, bit by bit, by him on other occasions. He hates trees, especially those that loose their leaves in the autumn in case some blow onto the shared garden path or his cars. The tree looks quite unbalanced now. Mas and I spent quite a bit of time ineffectively fuming about it.

Pete's birthday today, and he and Lorraine are flying back from Guernsey. Later Pete phoned and said he had really enjoyed his holiday. Another good thing happened; two of my original paintings were sold today. In the evening we watched one of Agatha Christie's Poirots with the excellent David Suchet.

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