Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Jumpy people and setbacks.

I went off to the library, got out some new books then walked to the Broadwalk. I found a birthday card for Pete, which, when you open it, a football crowd sings the Chelsea song, loudly. I showed it to Mas who almost jumped put of his skin when he opened it. It had the same effect on the cat when his curiosity got the better of him as well.

Today I went off to the Dental Hygienist, then Mas and I went to Stanmore to get shopping. Accidentally we backed the car out knocking another car that had parked in the wrong place, making a small dent in the side. We gave our insurance details and expect to hear more about this later.

Once home I could not make my computer work properly, and we found we were unable to change the channel on the TV. I also noticed that a tooth has been visibly scratched. I guess it is one of those days when a couple of stiff G&Ts and a large bar of chocolate would help.


Anonymous said...

OMG Margaret - what a horrific day! Nothing to but go to bed and hide under the covers.


Margaret said...

Thank goodness they are not all like that,thanks for the sympathy Romy.

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