Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Toby home again and last minute things

Yesterday I spent a lot of time cutting up and freezing mint and parsley, then doing some housework until Toby returned around 4.00pm. The weather was bright and cheerful, and Toby showed me a newspaper with an article about Sark; the Barclay Brothers have not managed to elbow their way into controlling local affairs there, which pleased me.

Toby and Mas managed to get in some more Battlestar Gallacticas, and I had some time to start reading Pete's Skelly book. We had an early dinner, and Toby went off in the evening for a last visit with his friends, Mas and I relaxed.

Today Mas and Toby watched more Battlestar Gallacticas, Toby feeling rather tired. Later Toby and I walked down to the Two Jays to make a list of books that Romy may not have read.

In the evening Toby went out for a meal with Gerald and Gillian, but was feeling a bit poorly, and Mas and I decided we could not be bothered to cook, so went to the Man in the Moon for dinner and when Toby returned we spent more time talking before bedtime.

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