Saturday, 18 July 2009

A non insulation event and listlessness

Yesterday the cavity wall insulation men came to do our walls, but had not been told we had a conservatory and had not got the right ladders; they will return next week.

The cat has a ding beside his eye, it was lucky he did not get an eye injury.
Toby called briefly to say he was home despite further long delays on the journey. I also spoke to Pete and Diane. My brother Alex called too.

Today Margaret phoned, and I had to tell her I did not feel well, thinking possibly this is a mild version of Swine Flu, whatever it's name is I think it is a swine, and will be happy when I stop feeling so listless and dreary. Mason finished off the curtain fitment in the bedroom, and filled all the holes with plaster. When I feel more enthusiastic I will make a pelmet to disguise the curtain rod. I made a list of important things I need to do urgently, and went to bed instead.

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