Thursday, 16 July 2009

Seeing Toby off and rotating books.

We had breakfast, before Mas drove Toby to the Two Jays where he got a few books. We had lunch, then We drove Toby off to Mill Hill where he got the train to stay with Pete; it was very sad to see him go. Toby was not feeling well, and by this time I had a sore throat too.

Clearing Toby's bedroom later I saw a beautiful big green cricket or grasshopper on the wall, then caught him and put him outside. There was a time when if Toby had seen him first he would have been history. Toby also took a couple of my books down to Pete's, but mysteriously others have appeared on the shelf. One is called 'Bad Thoughts a guide to clear thinking', by Jamie Whyte which I thought may help me, but it is funny and interesting.

Today Toby is flying home to Romy, and called to have a last chat. As it happened when he got to the airport there was an almost 4 hour delay, how maddening. I did a little gardening, and talked to Barry over the fence for a long time. I went in and made a fish pie for dinner, and also cooked some for the cat. This weird sore throat seems to come and go, so for part of the day I feel normal, but for the rest of the time I feel rather exhausted. Luckily Mas is feeling fine, and Salty was very pleased about the fish.

At one point there was a massive thunderclap, but it passed and we watched The Mentalist in the evening.

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