Monday, 2 March 2009

Loosing the will to live but saved by chocolate

Today I phoned the police as we had reported the damage to our car, when it had been snowing, a month ago, and had heard nothing since. After going from department to department I was told that they had no idea where accidents reported on line went to, so could not help and suggested that I go to my not very local police station to fill out a report form ( which I had a copy of, having done this on line already), and start again. Talking to Mas about it, we decided that we could not be bothered as the damage to the car was only cosmetic and did not affect the driving in any way.

Our neighbour, the one with garden gnomes, called over the fence to Mas and gave us six bars of exotic organic dark chocolate, which is the second time he has done this! No doubt it helps to restore the karmic balance. Also it tastes lovely! In the evening we watched the film First Wives Club as there was nothing worth watching on TV.

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