Thursday, 3 July 2008

Minor irritations and good friends

Yesterday it was a little cooler and I managed to do lots of irritating things that had to be done, including complaining about household bills that were incorrect, and taking steps to block nuisance phone calls which will take a month to take effect. It is amazing how much time simple things take to organise. Later I went off to Edgware, by bus, as my feet have become rather painful and red due to the pills I am taking. Later Diane called while I was resting, and she arranged to come over next week which will be nice, we have not had a 'get together' for a long time.

Today Mas and I got some shopping in Stanmore and looked in at the pub there. There is a new manager now and it was immediately apparent! We decided to have lunch before going home again, and relaxed for a while.

I spoke to Pat who I have not seen for ages. It is a shame how easy it is to get taken up with the routine of daily life, not making enough time for friendship. Next year I will try to make up for this waste of time.

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