Saturday, 19 July 2008

Mas and the Mouse

Today we ventured out and went to the pub for lunch, I was surprised how tottery I felt walking down the road, but felt better after a meal. I was pleased because the range of what I can bring myself to eat is gradually expanding. We got a small amount of shopping, but when we got back I had to rest, the pills I am taking actually make it quite hard to hold my eyes open most of the time, and my eyesight seems to be slightly out of focus.

I spoke to Pete on the phone, and managed to email Ruth before we watched The Bill on TV, and I went off to bed again.

On Sunday I felt a bit better, and actually managed to do some gardening. The field mouse is now living in our garden shed, and has eaten a hole in the bird food container; sometimes we see him in there as well. Mas was a bit concerned that there would soon be lots of them in there, and decided to tidy up the shed and give the mouse his marching orders. After this talk I was surprised and amused that Mas had instead put a dish of food for the mouse, and a container of water beside it!

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