Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Feeling well and song lists

We went off shopping, and I am still feeling well. We had a second breakfast out as a treat before coming home. I spoke to Pete and Toby who is still feeling the effects of jet lag.

I did some gardening, and Mas did a few house chores. The weather is still very hot, and we sat in the garden for a while. Later we watched The Bill, and Ghost whisperer.

When I went to bed I felt compelled to list all the songs I like best in order of preference, which is odd as generally songs are not my favourite kind of music, after what seemed like ages I came up with this list, but not especially in any choice order:

Ghost Riders in the Sky, by Frankie Laine
Besome Mucho, sung by a man
Moonlight in Vermont
Canadian Sunset
La Vie en Rose
Windmills of your Mind, by Noel Harrison
Wild is the Wind, by Nina Simone
Ne me Quitte pas
When I am laid in Earth.............

I gave up at this point, not being able to think of any more, but realising that I prefer sad songs which is odd as I really like funny films. Then I had to stop myself making a film list, and eventually went to sleep!

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