Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sick cat and lots of chats.

This morning Mas and I were convinced that the abscess was coming back on Salty as he had a small swelling on his side, so we must take him to the vet first thing tomorrow morning.
The weather was fine so I did lots of gardening, trimming things back and sweeping up leaves, then went on to clear up the house as well.

I called Pat and arranged to meet her next week as I have complimentary tickets for an art and antique fair, and I know Pat loves antiques, and we have not seen each other for a while so there will be much to talk about. Toby phoned and chatted, recommending the film Julie and Julia which he saw with Romy last night, and a new tree has been planted in front of their house, a London Plane tree. Pete also phoned, and said he would stay overnight next Thursday.

I watched the first of a new series of Doc Martin in the evening before going off to listen to the radio.

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